Salman wanted to ‘marry’ this famous actress, he went to the girl’s father to ask for the girl’s hand .. but

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Salman Khan’s name was associated with many actresses, most of whom were co-stars. Be it Sangeeta Bijlani, Somi Ali or Aishwarya Rai. Some of them had a serious romance with Hasina, while some of them are friends with her.

But no one would have thought that Salman Khan once wanted to marry anyone other than Juhi Chawla. In fact, Juhi Chawla had acted in many films with Salman Khan but the news of their affair never came to light.

But do you know if Salman ever wanted to marry Juhi and for that Salman had gone to Juhi’s father to ask for her hand. Salman Khan himself had said in a chat show.

salman khan marriage

Salman had said- ‘Juhi is very sweet. I also asked her father if he would marry Juhi to me. But he refused. Maybe I don’t like them. I didn’t know what they wanted, I didn’t think they were fit for Juhi? ‘Salman and Juhi have never been the main couple in any film before.

When Salman was asked about it, he would say, “Juhi didn’t want to work with me!” You may be surprised that Juhi Chawla’s name was not associated with any actor as he had met businessman Jay Mehta earlier in his career.

Jay was already married but his wife died in the plane crash. And the death of Juhi’s mother had completely broken Juhi. In such a situation, Jay became the basis of Juhi. Finally, in 1995, Juhi married Jay Mehta.

Also Salman is still unmarried. Sometimes he is very close to marriage, but every time he fails to give more importance to another person than his family. Salman Khan believes that friendship is better than marriage, which he believes in. Salman Khan’s next film is Radhe.

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