Problems in Arrange Marriage: I like the girl but horoscope is not matching!

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You may have faced this situation – You like the girl but your parents reject her because your horoscopes don’t match. It could be the other way around as well. We will reveal some clever tips to handle these frustrating situations. Before that, remember to like and subscribe to our channel and remember to hit the bell icon to get updates when we post new videos! So you spent several months hunting for matching profiles on matrimony sites. 

Finally, you found a girl’s profile that you liked. She met all the criteria you listed in your profile. You spent one week chatting with her and you also thought she liked you as well. The girl’s family even confirmed that your horoscopes are matching! And out of the blue, your family astrologer became your worst enemy! Your parents then reviewed the girl’s profile again but your astrologer says it’s a match made in hell!!! Oh my God! There are three ways to overcome your parent’s objections. Don’t worry, there is no violence involved in any of our suggestions. 

First, talk to your astrologer to find out why he or she felt the horoscopes don’t match. Sometimes, astrologers can suggest remedial measures to overcome potential negative outcomes. These include praying to certain Gods at certain temples or wearing certain stones as jewellery. At the least ask your astrologer what are the consequences of marriage if you ignore the recommendations. So why should you try this approach? First of all, make sure your astrologer did not make a mistake when the match was turned down! Because while matchmaking (using horoscopes) mistakes can easily happen as it involves computing numbers.  Also, if your astrologer suggests a remedial measure that doesn’t involve capturing a couple of dragons, your parents may agree! 

I am sure your parents are equally anxious to see you get married. Tell them how difficult it is to find another person who will meet all your and their demanding requirements. I am sure they will at least be ready to meet the astrologer from the girl’s side. After all, getting a second opinion is not a crime. When you see a doctor for a second opinion, and then why not try another astrologer? Here is why this tactic should work. Most astrologers believe in their professions and practice. They understand human psychology and won’t have trouble in winning over people. 

In any case, any astrologer will vigorously defend his predictions! So you can sit back and relax while the girl’s astrologer will work his magic on your parents. If all things fail, and you your family astrologer in not your supporter just go find another astrologer who will approve the match! But this is cheating! I know these sounds like cheating, but finding an astrologer is easy. Just use Google. If needed, you can even get the horoscope matched by three other astrologers. If all of them or a majority of them agree to the match, you have a powerful argument to make! We are a democracy. Aren’t we? Here is why this approach will work Use the concept of a simple majority to convince your parents. Tell your parents that horoscope is not a science. It’s an ancient wisdom that’s been passed down the generations and is subject to interpretations. Try these techniques and share your experiences in the comment below.

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