Do you over-consume rice? bad effects of Rice on body

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Rice is mainly used in almost every household in India. Many wonderful dishes are made from rice all over the country.

In the eastern and northern parts of India, rice is made daily in every household. People eat it with great enthusiasm. But eating too much rice is bad for your heart. Rice is already an important part of the Indian family’s diet.

rice curry
ricee pulaw

Although rice is not very harmful to health. There are also benefits to consuming it, but consuming too much rice is not good for your health. Let’s find out why rice consumption can be harmful.


Eating rice at night does more harm to our body as we fall asleep after dinner. Sugar and heart problems are on the rise these days. According to a study of these patients, excessive consumption of rice and lack of physical activity can adversely affect the health of rice.


Rice has been used in food for a long time. But nowadays physical exertion is less than before. Most people nowadays do office work. So they have to work all day sitting in one place. And if so, eating too much rice can be harmful for such people.


The rice that is grown today is arsenic, which affects our health. According to research from Manchester and the University of Salford, arsenic levels are high in rice-grown soils. Which reaches your body and mixes with toxins, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.


Excessive consumption of rice not only harms you but also if you smoke it is very harmful for your health and heart. So eat a limited amount of rice. Don’t smoke to keep your heart healthy.


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