Model Paula’s serious allegations against Sajid Khan

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The Me Too campaign launched by Tanushree Dutta in 2018 had prompted a crackdown on atrocities against women across the country. The whole of Bollywood was in a frenzy. It included many actresses and models. Sajid Khan was also accused at the time.

Sajid Khan was accused of sexual harassment by several actresses. Now Indian model Pavlo Hine has also broken her silence and made serious allegations against Sajid Khan. When I was 17, I was sexually assaulted under the pretext of working. She has made such an allegation

Her allegation has now once again brought the I-Two campaign into the spotlight. She has made this post on Instagram. “I was silent when the Mitu campaign was on because I had no godfather in the industry and I needed to work for my family,” she writes.

Indian model Pavlo Instagram post

Now my parents are not with me so I can speak against Sajid Khan now. I was persecuted when I was 17 years old. At that time, Sajid Khan’s housefull film was coming. I had gone to them to ask for work in this film.

At that time, he talked to me in vulgar language. Tried to touch me and told me to undress. God knows how many girls he has dealt with. No one pressured me to tell this story.

He touched me and told me to take off my clothes; Model's serious allegations against Sajid Khan 1 (1)

I have told this story to bring the truth to the people. I was young then but now I will not be silent. She has demanded that Sajid Khan should be jailed not only for casting couch but also for cheating people.

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