How a REAL MAN should SPEAK to others| 12 GENTLEMAN TIPS

How a REAL MAN should SPEAK to others_ 12 GENTLEMAN TIPS

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How should a real man speak to other people? The way you speak to other people influences not only how they react to you but also what they think about you. It tells people a lot about you. Who you are as a person. Luckily we can always improve the way we speak to other people, so in this article I’m gonna talk about 12 tips and how areal man should speak to other people.

Now let's start

1. A real man never ever talks down on anybody.

It doesn’t matter who they are. You see those guys that just talks down on people to try and lift themselves up. It’s disgusting. Some people think that because they achieved some kind of success by reading a great book or becoming a celebrity or obtaining a very high position in some kind of firm. Then they think they have the authority to talk down on people. It’s disgusting. It doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved in life, what kind of race you are, who you are, what job you have… It doesn’t matter. You never ever speak down to anybody else.

2. Pride makes us artificial but humility makes us real

Don’t be afraid to be heard. There’s a lot of guys out there that feel like they don’t have that deep voice. Well actually that deep voice doesn’t really matter that much. We all have different voices and we use different tones when we speak to people, but the problem is that fear. That’s fear for when I speak people are not gonna like my voice and so it bothers you. It also changes the way you speak to people and it’s a psychological thing. Now even if you don’t have a deep voice. If you’re not afraid to speak. To be heard. You’re gonna speak in a way where people is gonna look at you and view you as somebody with a strong voice with a strong opinion. It’s all psychological Pleas.

3. It is one simple word. PLEASE

I don’t know why most parents don’t teach their kids these basic rules of just saying please. It doesn’t matter what they do even if they just get you a cup of coffee and they say hey do you want a cup of coffee. You say yes please. It’s one word that just shows this person that you have respect for them that you appreciate what they want to do for you and it shows that you have manners

4. Don't talk so loud.

You know that type of guy who steps into the room and he needs attention. He wants attention so he raises his voice and he speaks very loud even if the guy’s just here next to him and he can just talk normally he would be like: “hey how are you doing ah man…”  and everybody in the room looks at him. This guy realizes everybody is looking at him. He thinks: “wow I’m so cool everybody’s looking at me I have attention” and the people that looks at him they’re thinking: “who is this guy that just has no manners and just talk so loud”. See what I’m saying. When you’re speaking to somebody you’re standing next to them, so you don’t have to speak too soft so they cannot hear you or too loud. Just speak normally. Be normal. They’re not miles away you don’t have to yell

5. Say thank you.

Two words very simple very easy thank you. It blows my mind why people cannot say that anymore today. I mean even if you drop something and somebody picks it up you give it to them say thank you. There’s so many times where I do certain things and I help people with certain things like picking up stuff giving it to them they just take it and look at me and walk on… They have no appreciation and I’m just like, can you believe this… Or even driving and you give somebody like yeah you can you can. Go first, you know, and then people just like… they just go and instead of just saying thank you and then go. It doesn’t matter what it is. Say thank you to show the person that you appreciate what they’re doing for you You stand by what you say and what you believe in with your body language.

6. Don't slouch.

Don’t look away while you talk and you’re speaking to this person and you’re like this…mumble… No stand up straight. Look them in the eye and say your say. Not in an arrogant way be humble be kind but say your say and then show people that you’re confident in what you’re saying and what you believe in.

7. You know I feel like we are entering an age where people are having less and less manners.

Like for example interrupting people. A real man never interrupts someone unless this person is being very rude, right? But if you interrupt somebody it shows them that you’re not really interested in what they’re saying and you cannot even wait just a few seconds to speak. Unless you’re speaking with some woman that really loves talking a lot (joking)…You know I heard this joke about the husband and wife and the husband said: “you know I stopped talking to my wife for five years” and they asked  “why? “Well”, he said: “well because I didn’t want to interrupt her”…

8. Say I'm sorry.

It’s so hard for a lot of people to say I’m sorry because they have so much pride but you know sometimes we just gotta shut up, accept we were wrong, swallow our pride and say I’m sorry. It’s not giving up it’s growing up. Nobody is perfect, right? We all make mistakes, but a real man takes responsibility for his mistakes. He man’s up, he owns his mistakes and he says I’m sorry.

9. Profanity or cursing on a regular basis.

Do you swear so much sometimes that you don’t even realize how much you’re swearing? If you can’t be interesting without swearing then you have to know that there’s a problem. You don’t need to use profanity or cursing, swearing all the time to try and sound funny or interesting or make people like you. If you swear or curse a lot you lose credibility with a lot of people. I see it in the comments all the time and I delete people who swear. There’s been a lot of studies on this and scientist says that if you use profanity on a regular basis then people see you more as being dishonest and less intelligent than your peers.

10. Don't gossip.

It’s disgusting. If it’s not your story to tell don’t tell it. Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots and remember those who gossip with you will gossip about you. You know I think so many problems in the world would disappear if we decide to talk to each other instead of about each other.

11. Be Wise

A real man. A gentleman never says hateful things about someone’s sex, race, color, culture, religion  or anything else. They don’t judge a book by its cover. They get to know the person first. If you judge another person based on these things then you don’t define them you define yourself.

12. Be Positive

A real man speaks in a positive manner. He builds people up, he makes them feel good. He lifts the spirits of everybody around him. You’ve met those guys who are just negative about everything in life. It doesn’t matter what they experience, even if it’s a nice day outside or they have experienced something nice then they always have something negative to say. A real man does not do that. Change your way of thinking by focusing on the good things in your life, because your thoughts becomes your words and the words that you say becomes the house that you live in.

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