5 Style tips that most men don’t even know

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If you’re in your 20s or under and have wondered “Man, how should I be dressing to look good, to look more stylish? Do I have to dress up? Dress down? What should I do? “Well today we’re gonna cover all those basics.

Number 1.

The most important thing that you need to nail down no matter what age group, make sure your clothing fits right. In case you haven’t noticed right now there is a wave of 90s nostalgia, were which basically means a bunch of oversized and loose cuts. As a young guy I would advise you to stay away from that. Make sure that you get the right fit and your denim and your t-shirts and your shirts. Keep in mind that when clothing actually fits you right, that’s when you look leaner and more muscular.

Number 2.

Number two make sure you have your outerwear all situated , you have all the basics down pack. This is where you really increase your style. Layering is the best and easiest way to show just how stylish you are. You start playing with steps and textures and proportions and when you do it right, your style is gonna be untouchable, like leagues away than all of the rest of your friend. Most of your friends are still struggling with problem 3 and their math home-work, they don’t have the time or knowledge to be composing these style algorithms that you would be outputting when your outerwear is on point. So make sure you stock up on the big 3 first. That means you want your bomber jacket, you want your denim jacket, and your leatherjacket. These are the most essentials that you’re gonna be wearing dressed up, dress down, street wear, with whatever. These are what you need to complete almost every complex outfit you can think of. But if you already have those and want to expand outside of that, you can watch this video where I go over eight stylish jackets that you should definitely have in your wardrobe, you want to expand from that.

Number 3.

wear a watch. As a guy you want to go against the grain of all your friends and don’t care about the details, that don’t put an effort. You on the other hand, you put in that effort you wear a watch and you know that this stylish accessory instantly increases your style, better than any other accessory out there. And what better way than to go against the grain than with a watch from Original Grain. These are hands-down no questions, one of the most unique watches you will find in the market today. Why you ask? Well, that’s pretty simple. These watches are actually designed with wood features in them. They have a wide range of watches all of which have wooden features within them that just makes them so unique, unlike anything you will find in the market.

Number 4.

Let’s talk about the pants you should be wearing. Now one of the best style moves you can make is to own the big three. Just like the jackets you have your trousers, your chinos, and your denim. Just with those basic pants, you can range outfits from street, to smart, to dapper. That’s why they’re the big three. That’s really all you need to be a stylish young guy. since you’re very young right now, in your early 20s like I am or earlier than that. This is perfect time to also try out other styles, tryout other trends to see how it works with your frame to see if it makes you look better, but only once you have these basics covered because then you can invest another thing and still no you have something solid to rely on.

And finally number 5.

We have footwear. You see shoes shoes say a lot about your personality, especially to females when they see what you’re wearing, so make sure you choose the right one. If you want to keep it safe always go with canvas leather or suede sneaker. Keep it with a classic silhouette that way you can wear it again across anything, street dapper, or just smart casual. If you want to take it up a notch you’re feeling a little courageous, just definitely use something like a Chelsea Chukka Boot or Loafer. I’ve always said even as a young guy, you want at least one leather shoe that you’re able to dress up, and again the versatile your look. And that’s basically it guys, this is how young guy should be dressing if you want to look more stylish, it’s not complicated, it’s actually quite simple.

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