5 Reasons why your SPOKEN ENGLISH is Not Improving

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See, learning new words is not difficult. If you are Indian then you know that ‘how to memorise’ is the only thing our Education System has taught us. So you and I are good at learning new words and memorising their meanings. The real problem is to use these words to form complete sentences. And I have tried all of the superficial advices, like.. practise daily, talk slowly, maintain a journal… and none of them have worked? 

So let’s cut the BS and really understand why your English is not improving because in today’s article we are going to see.. 5 Silly Mistakes you are making that is stopping you from learning English. I’ll also tell you what you can do to avoid those mistakes. And towards the end, I’ll give you a Bonus Tip so that you stop making these mistakes. 

Let’s begin. So here are the 5 mistakes you are making that are preventing you from speaking in English fluently.. 

Mistake #1

This one’s the easiest.. you are watching too much of content in your local language. If you want to learn a language, you need to do 2 things.. Consumption and Production. But if your Consumption is all Local, then how will your Production be International? It might take time for you to like these channels but once you acquire the taste for such amazing content then you won’t settle for just ‘entertainment’ because these Youtube channels entertain you, make you smart and I guarantee you, they will also improve your English Speaking skills. I have left the link of this article in the description. Do check it out.

Mistake #2:

You care too much about what people think. 

This is a genuine problem that I also used to have especially when I used to get on-stage to speak in English. ‘What if I open my mouth and people find out that I am not Queen Elizabeth?’ But I’ll give you a solution for this.. To improve my English fluency, one of my mentors gave me a method called.. ‘The Cow Method.’ He said… start talking about a cow and then don’t stop. Just like this.. And BAM! We started with a cow and ended with hairfall! Nobody is asking you to make sense, just speak random English sentences whenever you are having a conversation because that’ll improve your sentence formations skills. ‘The Cow Method’ is unusual and a few people will make fun of you. But who cares? The next day, they will move on to making fun of Dhinchak Pooja or Arnab Goswami. I wonder who is going to be more pissed about being compared to the other. Tch.. Atleast Dhinchak Pooja is educating us about washing our hands. So use, ‘The Cow Method’ to learn sentence formation, be shameless and never care about those people who make fun of you when you are trying to be better. Infact, here is your first assignment.. In the comment section below, write down atleast 5 simple sentences in English using, ‘The Cow Method’. Start with a ‘cow’ and keep writing.I will be waiting to read your comments.

Mistake #3:

Your textbooks are the only books you have ever opened. 

Didn’t I touch a nerve there? I knew it! You hate books because you only have read books that have tortured you. Let’s take a moment for THAT to sink in. Now, beyond Maths, Chemistry and Biology, we also have books with Stories. And once you open a good story book, I promise that you cannot put it down. So the solution to this problem is this… Here are 3 books that I love that are also easy to start with.. The Alchemist, The White Tiger and Born a Crime. After reading these 3 books, you will start reading more than just the ‘subtitles’ of my article. Hey, it’s good.. but we also need to get to the next step no? I have left the Amazon links of all of these books in the description.

Mistake #4:

You are giving up when it gets tough. You know what’s the easiest thing in life is? 

To Quit. 

A lot of people quit learning English and then comment, ‘Why should us Indians learn English? The rest of the world should learn Hindi, no? Look at China and Japan.’ You know who these people are and you wouldn’t want to be like them. And yes, in English.. ‘To’ is to, but ‘Go’ is not gu. ‘Their’ and ‘There’ sound the same and ‘who’ and ‘whom’ are utterly confusing. So yes, English is tough but once you learn it, it opens up your career to multiple possibilities. So the solution to this problem are plenty.. When learning English gets too tough.. work hard. Practise everyday, talk to people on call in English, read ‘The Hindu’ newspaper, buy books because as long as you want to learn, you will find a solution and do whatever it takes to grow in your career.

Mistake #5:

You are not learning grammar. 

Okay, so I know that a lot of people tell you that grammar is not important for Spoken English. I both agree and disagree. Agree because if you just read grammar books and not practise speaking then your Spoken English will not improve at all. But.. as a kid, I used to complete all the exercises in my grammar books but even after learning how to use ‘would’, ‘should’, ‘past tense’, ‘present tense’, I was still not good at speaking. I would freeze every time I had to Speak Up in class. But surprisingly, I was good at Writing. Slowly, but I would write complete English sentences. So for me, Writing was an important stone to step on before I could speak fluently in English. So the solution to this problem is this.. Know your basic grammar. You can buy one or both of these books. 

‘Word Power Made Easy’ and ‘Wren & amp; Martin’. I have spent hours on these books. It will not be easy but I promise, it will be worth it… 

So now we know what are the 5 English Speaking mistakes you are making and how to avoid them. But at the end of my Bonus Tip, you will go to some other site and forget all that I have said. So today’s Bonus Tip is this.. Today, force yourself to read and watch only English. They can be related to gardening, food or politics but they should be in English! Even on our channel, we have 100+ English articles that you can learn from and that’ll also improve your English. Because it’s often the start that’s difficult, so promise me that you’ll start today. 

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