10 Things Men Do That Women Hate – Just Don’t Be “That Guy” !!!

10 Things Men Do That Women Hate – Just Don't Be _That Guy_ !!!

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Hey Guys,

There are certain things that men do the woman just hate and that’s what we’re talking about in this article. We made a list of 10 things that men do that women hate.

So let's start

Number 1:

Woman hate it if guys talk too much about themselves you’ve met those guys they just go on and on and on about themselves.  It just basically tells a woman that he isselfish self-absorbed and he’s got an ego that nobody likes.

Number 2:

when a guy smells bad. I mean I get it we all have different smells right but if a guy cannot take 10 minutes just to take a shower and put some deodorant on… no just no… and if you’re one of those guys that say I’m too lazy to shower just stop and think about what you’re saying.

Number 3:

The catcalling. Woman hate it when a man drives past a woman and he yells or he whistles.  You know itjust it makes them feel  disrespected number one and number two it makes them feel cheap.

Number 4:

When a man acts differently in front of his friends. If a man act weird or different in front of his friends it immediately tells a woman two things: He cares more about his friends than her and number two he cannot be trusted.

Number 5:

Woman hates it when a man does not all listen to her. Especially when a guy looks on his phone or the other direction when she’s busy talking. If she’s talking look her in the eyes and show her that you really care about what she thinks and feels.

Number 6:

when men have long dirty nails. Eeeuw, disgusting… and then those men are shocked when a woman don’t want them to come near them.

Number 7:

Lying men Women hates a guy that lies. No relationship can be built upon lies and it just takes one lie to destroy a person’s integrity.

Number 8:

Guys who never laugh I know there’s different personalities out there and some people are more serious right so it’s okay to be aserious guy but if you never ever laugh with a woman she will think you hate lifeor worse you hate her.

Number 9:

Not asking her questions about her life now I don’t mean to throw a lot of questions at a woman and like she feels interrogated no, hahaha. But a woman will feel like you don’t really care if you don’t ask her about her life

Number 10:

When men don’t care about the way they look. It’s okay if men are not really interested in fashion and just want to be the way that they are but if men have an attitude of I couldn’t careless about being presentable especially with women… it’s not a good idea. Allright if you liked the article give me thumbs up and please comment below!

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